Existing Actors

ID Name Authority Type From To
6953 Brunner, Jürg person
6954 Bührer, Erhard person
6955 Müller, Fritz person
6956 Münger, Rolf F. person
6957 Bieri, Beat person
6958 Joss, Walter person
6959 Loebe, R.D person
6960 Ehrbar, A. person
6961 Hobi, Guido person
6962 Weder, Jakob person
6963 Voss, Gerd person
6964 Schöpf, Alex person
6965 Pellaton, Jean-Claude person
6966 Strathoff, Heinrich person
6967 Rolma AG corporate body
6968 Fränkische Rohrwerke GmbH corporate body
6969 Georg Fischer Automotive Products Inc corporate body
6970 Agie Charmilles China (HK) Ltd corporate body
6971 Agie Ltd USA corporate body
6972 Georg Fischer Simona Fluorpolymer Products GmbH corporate body
6973 Georg Fischer Automitive (Suzhou) Co. Ltd corporate body
6974 L'Usinage Electrique corporate body
6975 Alfa Plastics Inc corporate body
6976 Independent Pipe Products Inc. corporate body
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