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GFA 43/7:

Georg Fischer Corporation: Environmental Report 2002/2003. 62 pages.

The industrial corporation at a glance 2
Our products' contribution to environmental protection 3
Greatest environmental impact in the corporation: foundries 4
Environmental impact of the foundries 5
Environmental Management System
Road map to environmental management 6
System Honors and recognition 7
Environmental management 8
Georg Fischer's environmental policies 9
Development of environmental management system at Georg Fischer 10
Corporate Environmental Information System-BUIS 11
Corporate Environmental Information System-BUIS: system limit 12
Environmental Goals
Georg Fischer's environmental goals 13
Corporate environmental goals 2001/2002 14
Environmental goals for 2001 in automotive castings 15
Environmental goals for 2002 in automotive castings 16
Environmental goals for 2003 in automotive castings 17
Environmental goals for 2001 in plastics 18
Environmental goals for 2002 in plastics 19
Environmental goals for 2003 in plastics 20
Environmental goals for 2001 in mechanical engineering 21
Environmental goals for 2002 in mechanical engineering 22
Environmental goals for 2003 in mechanical engineering 23
"Success Stories"
Savings achieved with cast iron: less water on the fire 24
Energy diet for Electric Discharge Machines’ generators (EDM) 25
Made-to-measure for precision machinery 26
“Aluminium casting doesn’t smell (any more)” 27
Magnesium casting: Oil distilled out 28
Pressure die-casting in China: better air with wax 29
Production engineering: mechanical engineering “light” 30
Natural Gas replaces oil - protecting our climate 31
Environmental indicators over time 32
Energy 33
Types of energy 34
Process energy consumption increases as group of consolidated corporate subsidiaries expands 35
Slight increase in building energy consumption as group of consolidated corporate subsidiaries expands 36
Water - fresh water 37
Drinking water from the public water supply system: efficiency increased and consumption reduced 38
Water from private water supply systems - consumption stable 39
Wastewater - further reduction 40
Air 41
Air - emission: effects 42
Emissions from energy consumption 43
Emissions from energy consumption - CO2 44
Emissions from energy consumption - SO2, NOx, CH4, VOC 45
Emissions from production processes - particulates, VOCs 46
Waste 47
Waste disposal 48
Recycled wastes - increase in recyclable wastes 49
Industrial and office wastes deposited in landfills or incinerated - reduction 50
Hazardous wastes - slight increase in 2002/2003 51
Environmental Expenses
Environmental expenses: costs and capital investment 52
Environmental expenses: costs 53
Environmental expenses: Investments 54
Illustration of units
Units 55
CO2 strategy 56
Circulatory Economy
Future trends: Developing recycling in production 57
Recycling in foundries: Scrap as exclusive raw material 58
Circulatory economy in plastics processing: Small- and large-scale recycling 59
Recycling in mechanical engineering: When machines exchange ideas 60
Validation by SQS
Validation of Environmental Report 2002/2003 61
Environmental management contacts - feedback 62

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