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GFA 9/29.15.2

TitleGlobe, No. 3, November 2009
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Globe: Newspaper for Georg Fischer Employees, No. 3, November 2009


  • Growing with India: GF Piping Systems expands its operations in India and opens a new production site. (p. 1)
  • Ernst Willi is to retire: The Head of Corporate Development is saying good-bye to GF. (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: Steep rise in share price (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: Transparent reporting (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: 300 million francs for GF (p. 1)
  • New plant for mega gas-grid (p. 1)

Market strategies

  • A question of trust: Management specialist Thomas Gutzwiller, Director of the Executive School of Management at the University of St. Gallen, looks back on the past crisis year. (p. 2)
  • Generating synergies together: The GF Corporate Groups are strengthening cooperation in order to create a joint IT infrastructure. This saves money and, at the same time, improves quality. (p. 2)
  • Millions saved: The measures of the structural plan are now demonstration results. (p. 2)
  • India counts on gas: Local production is a big advantage for companies that wish to sell large volumes in growth markets. That's the reason why GF Piping Systems has opened a new plant in India (p. 3)
  • Why crisis new goes "on air": Numerous employees heard about the Georg Fischer structural programme for the first time from the media, rather than from their managers, and there was a lot of discontent. (p. 3)

Customer projects

  • Shark alarm at the tap: A US brewery that loves experimenting shows that no two beers are alike. (p. 4)
  • Guaranteed germ-free: Clean water is absolutely essential, especially in homes for the aged. (p. 4)
  • A new sedan benchmark: Four doors, four seats, lots of comfort – yet the Panamera meets the challenge of being a "genuine" Porsche, thanks in part to innovative components from GF. (p. 5)

Technology products

  • Winning with innovation: GF AgieCharmilles is fighting slumping sales with forward-looking technologies and the development of new model series. Two encouraging success stories. (p. 6)
  • Suzhou: Third module (p. 6)
  • Italy: New facility (p. 6)
  • Image study: Respected brand (p. 6)
  • Kunshan: Production starts (p. 6)
  • An agile colossus: GF Automotive is investing in new heavy-duty sideloaders that can withstand the tough operating conditions in a foundry. (p. 7)
  • Everyone under one roof: Employees at the Central Laboratory of GF Automotive will have more space for research and development. Workplaces are being shifted to the GF headquarters. (p. 7)

People opinions

  • Saying good-bye is painful: Layoffs have been unavoidable in recent months. Co-workers who have been let go find it difficult to sort out their feelings and to look ahead again. (p. 8)
  • Interview: "The people laid off are not at fault" – Gabriela Herzog, Head of Employee Counselling in Schaffhausen, assists employees who have been let go. (p. 8)
  • So what does …: ... Abdulah Sulejmani do? (p. 8)
  • Fighting a pandemic: Colleagues in Mexico successfully wage battle against the swine flu. (p. 8)
  • Master of the Dance: Colm Lyons is an acknowledged expert in Irish stepdancing, and this past summer he started offering courses in this art for colleagues and friends. (p. 9)

Site portrait

  • Far East's market insider: Jeong-Kwang Kim and another colleague represent GF Automotive in South Korea. The two-man team works closely with local manufacturers to promote business. (p. 10)
  • Appointments (p. 10)

Service tips

  • Short-time means more free time: how to use it? – Many co-workers at GF are on short-time. There are many ways to make the best of the situation – such as further training, home repairs or more time with the family (p. 11)
  • "An investment in the future": André Schläfli, Director of the Swiss Association of Adults Learning, suggests using the crisis for oneself. (p. 11)
  • Right? : Do Americans eat too much fast food? (p. 11)
  • Masthead (p. 11)

Living culture

  • Peaceful revolution: A Leipzig foundryman looks back on autumn 1989 when he too marched for freedom and democracy. (p. 12)
  • Sport on ice and sand: Skiing or surfing this Christmas? Two co-workers distant continents report on how they'll be spending the holiday season. (p. 12)
Keywordseconomic crisis :: structure plan :: laser ablation :: heavy-load stacker :: resignations
ActorsZengerling, Herbert :: Willi, Ernst :: Serra, Yves :: Jagtap, Shekhar
PlacesRatnagiri :: Indien :: China :: Peking
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Access/Use RestrictionsStandard period of protection
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LocationKlostergut Paradies, Archiv
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Die digitalisierte Version der Zeitschrift unterliegt der Standard Schutzfrist. Die gedruckte Ausgabe ist im Lesesaal des Konzernarchivs einsehbar.

Englische Schlagwörter: Economic crisis :: Laser ablation :: Heavy forklift :: Layoffs

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