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Reference CodeGFA 9/29.26.2
TitleGlobe, No. 2, June 2013
Level of DescriptionFile
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Globe: Newspaper for Georg Fischer Employees, No. 2, June 2013


  • Anniversary in China: This September, Georg Fischer celebrates 20 successful years in China. (p. 1)
  • Expansions in Turkey: GF Piping Systems continues to expand its position [...] (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: GF on social networks (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: Award for green innovation (p. 1)
  • From rooster to snake (p. 1)

Market strategies

  • "Georg Fischer has a lot of potential" [interview with Andreas Koopmann, Chairman of the 10-person Board of Directors] (p. 2)
  • Four steps to success: As of early 2013, all of the Corporation’s 600 managers will sign up for the 4DX Management program. [...] (p. 2)
  • A new look for diversity, unity, and innovation: Georg Fischer will get a new corporate design in October. [...] (p. 3)
  • Major sales meeting in three US states: Product presentations, training sessions, and plant tours [...] (p. 3)
  • Corporate Communications: A new manager (p. 3)
  • GF AgieCharmilles: New Website (p. 3)
  • More than recruiting: To present itself on the market as an appealing employer, Georg Fischer uses various strategic measures [...] (p. 4)
  • Open house in Ticino: GF AgieCharmilles’ German-, French-, and Italian-speaking employees [...] enjoyed an open house event in Losone. (p. 4)

Customer projects

  • Innovation in its purest form: [...] GLOBALFOUNDRIES and GF Piping Systems have developed a groundbreaking prototype. (p. 5)
  • A giant among lasers: Krüth is a pioneer in laser texturing. Now the company is using GF’s largest laser machine. (p. 5)
  • Steep and quick: [...] some of the world’s most spectacular escalators comprise top-quality cast components made by GF. (p. 6)
  • Energizing Vietnam: Vietnam is investing in many new power plants to meet the demand for more energy [...] (p. 7)
  • PEP for the team: GF AgieCharmilles in Nidau is optimizing production. (p. 7)

Technology products

  • Thousands of molds for millions of bottles: In Neutraubling, Bavaria, Krones AG produces fully automated beverage filling systems. [...] (p. 8)
  • Casting is better: Cast products from GF Automotive are starting to provide tough competition [...] (p. 10)
  • The perfect fit: In developing iFIT, GF Piping Systems became a pioneer in fitting technology almost ten years ago. [...] (p. 11)
  • Suzhou keeps growing: Increasing demand sees GF Automotive China expand its light-metal foundry business. (p. 11)

People opinions

  • A taste of Tasmania: In recognition of their outstanding work as the best sales company [...] (p. 12)
  • Treasure hunter: Michael Weyer is a passionate geocacher. (p. 12)
  • The iron lady: Eva Krause is a production manager at the foundry in Mettmann. [...] (p. 13)

Site portrait

  • Four decades of growing success: The GF Piping Systems sales centre in Albershausen opened in 1973. [...] (p. 14)

Service tips

  • Staying on the ball: More and more companies offer a comprehensive health or corporate sports program. [...] (p. 15)
  • Spot the differences! (p. 15)
  • Olav Kromrey, company physician at GF Automotive, Singen (p. 15)
  • Masthead (p. 15)

Living culture

  • Drinking water for thousands: Georg Fischer’s Clean Water Foundation and Caritas Switzerland have been working together since 2012. [...] (p. 16)
  • A pioneer of cast steel production: Johann Conrad Fischer was born 240 years ago [...] (p. 16)
Keywordstrademark/trademark protection :: laser technology :: semiconductor industry :: water supply :: vehicle construction :: sport/leisure
ActorsKoopmann, Andreas (1951–)
PlacesTürkei :: Losone (TI) :: Schweiz :: Dresden :: Deutschland :: Neutraubling :: China :: Suzhou :: Peking
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Access/Use RestrictionsStandard period of protection
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Englische Schlagwörter: Employer-Branding :: Semiconductor :: Laser machine :: Beverage filling systems :: Vehicle parts :: Fittings :: Corporate sports program

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