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Reference CodeGFA 9/29.7.2
TitleGlobe, No. 3, September 2007
Level of DescriptionFile
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Globe, Newspaper for Georg Fischer Employees, No. 3, September 2007


  • Signs of integration: The joint logo puts a face on the merger creating GF AgieCharmilles. (p. 1)
  • Two silver medals for GLOBE: Jury: Great design, exciting copy, professional appearance (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: Share tops 1000 francs (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: GF: up close and personal (p. 1)
  • Market strategies: Georg Fischer ranked top (p. 1)
  • New logo a high flier (p. 1)

Market strategies

  • Cementing the corporate bonds [Interview with Stephan Wittmann, Head of Corporate Human Resources] (p. 2)
  • Policies for GF (p. 2)
  • Motivation the key to success (p. 2)
  • Fair dates in the second half of 2007
  • A virus is doing the rounds: The threat of a worldwide flu pandemic is still with us [...] (p. 3)
  • The H5N1 virus… (p. 3)
  • Just a matter of time (p. 3)
  • Ways for employees to help limit contagion (p. 3)
  • Orders: The lure of India: GF Piping Systems has until now had a positive experience in India, a country known hitherto mainly for its IT industry. [...] (p. 4)
  • Change and continuity: The new brand for GF AgieCharmilles says loud and clear: "We are one team". (p. 4)
  • Interview: Three become one (p. 4)

Customer projects

  • A worldwide hit and only 7.5 cm high: First there is a noisy battle in the Knights' Empire Castle, then the children fly out the wounded by helicopter [...] (p. 5)
  • I played Playmobil with Dad late into the night: Ursula Leidolt and her siblings were real fans. (p. 5)
  • Precision for the playroom (p. 5)
  • Doubly distinguished: Experts award prizes to GF Automotive: VW Group Award and NEWCAST Award for outstanding cast parts. (p. 6)
  • Energy-saving business park: Walls and ceilings at the Pujiang research centre are heated and cooled with GF products [...] (p. 6)
  • Cheese everybody! Jermi has the right cheese – for connoisseurs and the food industry alike. (p. 7)
  • Interview: "Food makes very high demands" (p. 7)

Technology products

  • Hunting for particles: GF Piping Systems in Ettenheim, Germany, is the site of one of Europe's largest clean rooms for plastic manufacturing. (p. 8)
  • From A to B by HGV (p. 8)
  • Protecting nature: The hydro power plant in Traisen proves that economics and ecological responsibility complement one another. (p. 9)
  • Interview: GF power plant earns money (p. 9)

People experience

  • Safety has its rewards: Top management at GF in Tustin are chefs for the day at a staff barbecue. (p. 10)
  • Fifty-fifty in China: A GF manager among the top 100 movers and shakers in the Chinese economy. (p. 10)
  • So what does… …Ignaz Bach do? (p. 10)
  • Explorer of the underworld: Ernest Geyer never reaches the centre of the earth; there's just too much to discover on the way. (p. 11)
  • Mobile all-rounder: Many people love them, others find them superfluous: Smartphones are taking Georg Fischer by storm. (p. 12)
  • Fewer gadgets, more nuances: José Luis Moral is for dialogue (p. 12)
  • The globetrotter [Interview with Martin Neil] (p. 13)
  • Networking in China: Mutual respect is essential. (p. 13)
  • First responses at the crack of dawn (p. 13)
  • Appointments (p. 13)

Site portrait

  • Whether thick or thin, they'll fit it: WAGA [...] has been successfully customisable connectors for the last 50 years. (p. 14)
  • Interview: Market leader (p. 14)

Service tips

  • An honest "No": If you say "Yes", you're helpful, committed and diligent. Right? But not courageous. [...] (p. 15)
  • Route planner at GF based on Google Maps (p. 15)
  • Insider tips: A good read (p. 15)
  • Insider tips: A pleasure to hear (p. 15)
  • Masthead (p. 15)

Living culture

  • Warmth, craft and life lessons: More than 350 years ago a precious tiled stove was built in Winterthur that teaches us about life. [...] (p. 16)
  • Lady Charmilles: Parents name child after company. (p. 16)
  • My city: Stockholm – The island city (p. 16)
Keywordsfood industry :: tiled stove :: nature conservation :: employee magazine :: cleanroom :: illness/disability :: growth :: customers :: award/award ceremony :: telephone services :: couplings
ActorsWittmann, Stephan (1965–2010) :: Eisenbibliothek (1948–) :: Volkswagen AG (VW) (1937–)
PlacesSchaffhausen (SH) :: Schweiz :: Nidau (BE) :: Losone (TI) :: Meyrin (GE) :: Indien :: Wolfsburg :: Düsseldorf :: Deutschland :: Shanghai :: China :: Laupheim :: Ettenheim :: Mettmann :: Traisen :: Österreich :: Epe :: Stockholm :: Schweden :: Niederlande :: Schlatt (TG)
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