Existing Places

ID Type Name City State/Canton Country
1026 Münster Münster Germany
1029 Mägenwil Mägenwil AG Switzerland
1030 Thayngen Thayngen SH Switzerland
1031 Bremgarten Bremgarten AG Switzerland
1032 Schlierbach Schlierbach LU Switzerland
1033 La Tour-de-Peilz La Tour-de-Peilz VD Switzerland
1034 Chardonne Chardonne VD Switzerland
1038 Cham Cham ZG Switzerland
1040 Blonay Blonay VD Switzerland
1041 Uster Uster ZH Switzerland
1043 Volketswil Volketswil ZH Switzerland
1044 Adliswil Adliswil ZH Switzerland
1045 Uhwiesen Laufen-Uhwiesen ZH Switzerland
1046 Hunzenschwil Hunzenschwil AG Switzerland
1047 Tagelswangen Lindau ZH Switzerland
1050 Niederweningen Niederweningen ZH Switzerland
1051 Langwiesen Feuerthalen ZH Switzerland
1052 Hünenberg Hünenberg ZG Switzerland
1053 Küssnacht am Rigi Küssnacht SZ Switzerland
1054 Cama Cama GR Switzerland
1055 Arlesheim Arlesheim BL Switzerland
1056 Aigle Aigle VD Switzerland
1057 Feuerthalen Feuerthalen ZH Switzerland
1058 Kleinwangen Kleinwangen LU Switzerland
1059 Wetzikon Wetzikon ZH Switzerland
1060 Richterswil Richterswil ZH Switzerland
1061 Engi Glarus Süd GL Switzerland
1062 Massagno Massagno TI Switzerland
1063 Islisberg Islisberg AG Switzerland
1064 Münchenstein Münchenstein BL Switzerland
1065 Gossau Gossau SG Switzerland
1066 Ramsen Ramsen SH Switzerland
1068 Flurlingen Flurlingen ZH Switzerland
1069 Worblaufen Ittigen BE Switzerland
1070 Wallisellen Wallisellen ZH Switzerland
1071 Affeltrangen Affeltrangen TG Switzerland
1072 Bibern Bibern SO Switzerland
1073 Dinslaken Dinslaken Germany
1074 Zuchwil Zuchwil SO Switzerland
1075 Seuzach Seuzach ZH Switzerland
1077 Schleitheim Schleitheim SH Switzerland
1078 Weinfelden Weinfelden TG Switzerland
1080 Gockhausen Dübendorf ZH Switzerland
1081 Thalwil Thalwil ZH Switzerland
1084 Meilen Meilen ZH Switzerland
1086 Giessen Giessen Germany
1093 Grandson Grandson VD Switzerland
1094 Bochum Bochum NW Germany
1096 Kassel Kassel HE Germany
1097 Magdeburg Magdeburg Germany
651 to 700 from 1690 Entries